SHOWING so soft + the sun

SHOWING: so soft + the sun

JUN 6th, 17h + 7th, 19h

Try out of some material from the recent research of choreographer Jascha Viehstädt „so soft + the sun“.
Somehow about coding, dance, nature, technology and sunshine.
If you’re interested to watch some experiments and have a cold drink, join us at 19:30h in STUDIO Hammer Deich!



August 13th 2022 / 17h – Open End

We invite you to the first SHD summer party!!!
Friends, colleagues, artists of the independent arts scene in Hamburg: Feel warmly invited to celebrate with us the summer, the end and the beginning of the Spielzeit and the middle of the year 2022.

We start at 17h with a cosy bring-your-own-food dinner. You bring what you want to eat and/or share and we’ll provide the grill for you to fire up your stuff on.
We will continue with an open ended get-together with music, drinks and a nice atmosphere.

Join us at Hammer Deich 10, chill on our rooftop terrace, watch the beautiful Bille River, dance in our studio with us.

starting 17h
bring-your-own-food BBQ
(we provide the 🔥 )

open end
drinks * music * get-together

If you come, please register here

THEHOST.IS – Meetup #2 Hamburg

THEHOST.IS – Meetup #2 Hamburg

THURSDAY | MAY 19 2022, 19h

with Olsen Wolf + Jascha Viehstädt + MICHAELBRAILEY presenting their current research and work.

Open network meetup for artists and creators working in arts & technology.
Initiated by Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Fab Lab Fabulous St. Pauli, Alexandra Waligorski and part of THEHOST.IS residency programme by Kampnagel and Deichtorhallen.

More dates & infos: &
Free admission

Showing, Ingjerd Solheim

SHOWING: Ingjerd Solheim

Bridge Between Stage and Audience
May 7 2022, 20h

with María Paz García, Marlen Nickel, Sakshi Jain

Bridge Between Stage and Audience is a research project about finding choreographic methods using humor as a tool and an audience as a guide. Creating an abstract, internal world between three performers, how can they still reach an audience without directly approaching them? Together we developed a surrealistic world only understood by those who are in it. They have their own way of moving, communicating and expressing themselves, and they have an abstract movement language significant to their group. By doing so, we might have created distance between the audience and performers. And so the question arises: When the performers stay true to the internal communication and expression, how can the audience in some way still take part of their world? Can subtle humor be a bridge between the performers and the audience? Helping to lead us in the right direction we have invited people to small showings during the process and listened to their reactions and feedback.

Registration via mail


OPEN LAB: Audio Description

Monday | October 4, 2021 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Wednesday | October 20, 2021 from 6:00 to 9:00
Monday | December 20, 2021 from 12:00 to 5:00 pm

Registration here

The laboratory is an open space in which methods of Audio Description can be tried out and improvised together in the studio with voice, language and body. The LAB is supposed to be a platform to talk about and to practice Audio Description, its artistic and political potentials, about artistic ways of access and all questions around it.Sighted as well as blind and visually impaired persons are invited.
Audio Description is the linguistic description of something visual and is used in various areas, e.g. in theaters, museums or film & television. It is an access tool that was developed for blind and visually impaired people, is constantly evolving and is a lot of fun 🙂
The laboratory takes place as part of our research project “Spoken Dance”. In this project we deal with artistic methodologies of audio description and their artistic potential. We also want to establish Audio Description as a practice and manifest it as a fixed structure in Theater. We hold workshops and discussions, organize panels, we research and network.In the beginning of 2022 we will publish a website, where we will present the project, give more information around the topic of Audio Description and will list a network of Audio Describers in Hamburg and beyond. 

Let us know if you feel like coming and if you have any needs for a barrier-free journey or if you have questions.

We would be very happy if you join us.
In order to create the safest atmosphere as possible for everyone, we can ventilate as much as we want and please do a corona test before you come (even if you are vaccinated).



26. – 28.11.2021 – 11:00-23:00

3-Day-Pass 5 €
Tickets here

DE Mit „Triangle“ vervollständigt der in Hamburg lebende, malaysische Tanzschaffende Raymond Liew Jin Pin seine Trilogie „ CONTINUE“. Seit 2018 arbeiten er und sein Team an drei genreübergreifenden Tanzstücken, die sich mit wiederholenden Mustern und eingetretenen Pfaden in Natur und Menschsein beschäftigen.
    Das erste Stück „Tongue“ begibt sich in eine tänzerische Abstraktion alltäglicher Kommunikation, während die zweite Arbeit „Touch“ die missverständliche Direktheit von Berührung untersucht. Der letzte Teil „Triangle“ versucht zu verstehen, wie (soziale) Zugehörigkeit und Abhängigkeiten entstehen und entwirft eine mediale Auseinandersetzung des Hierseins und Dortseins mit physischen, virtuellen und spirituellen Körpern.
Mit der Premiere am 26. November 2021 werden erstmals alle drei Stücke im neuen STUDIO Hammer Deich als eine choreographische Installation zu sehen sein.

ENG With “Triangle“, the Hamburg based, Malaysian dance maker Raymond Liew Jin Pin completes his trilogy “CONTINUE”. Since 2018, he and his team have been working on three cross-genre dance pieces that explore repetitive patterns and well-worn paths in nature and humanity.
    The first piece “Tongue” ventures into a dance abstraction of everyday communication, while the second work “Touch” explores the easily misunderstood directness of touch. The last part, “Triangle”, attempts to understand how (social) belonging and dependencies arise and designs a media examination of being here and being there with physical, virtual and spiritual bodies.
With the premiere of this part on 25 November 2021, all three pieces will now be seen for the first time as a choreographic installation at the new STUDIO Hammer Deich.

TEAM Ying-Yun Chen, Stefan Kirschoff, Jascha Viehstädt, Raymond Liew Jin Pin
FUNDED BY Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Claussen-Simon-Stiftung