Showing, Ingjerd Solheim

SHOWING: Ingjerd Solheim

Bridge Between Stage and Audience
May 7 2022, 20h

with María Paz García, Marlen Nickel, Sakshi Jain

Bridge Between Stage and Audience is a research project about finding choreographic methods using humor as a tool and an audience as a guide. Creating an abstract, internal world between three performers, how can they still reach an audience without directly approaching them? Together we developed a surrealistic world only understood by those who are in it. They have their own way of moving, communicating and expressing themselves, and they have an abstract movement language significant to their group. By doing so, we might have created distance between the audience and performers. And so the question arises: When the performers stay true to the internal communication and expression, how can the audience in some way still take part of their world? Can subtle humor be a bridge between the performers and the audience? Helping to lead us in the right direction we have invited people to small showings during the process and listened to their reactions and feedback.

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